Replacing the Charity Model with Sustainability


Our core model of helping organizations, is to create a community hub of services which becomes an integral part of the BYKA Group ecosystem worldwide. I refer to this hub as a community centre of services because the resulting project must focus on the community the organization works in. The community centre in turn supports one or more organization such as NGO’s that are focused on food, health, education or the arts.

– Greg Marsh Founder


Communities benefit directly through the creation of sustainable projects, jobs, services and revenue sources that BYKA Group helps local people create and maintain with ongoing support from industry experts.


Our unique business model encourages partnerships between BYKA Group and many different types of organizations whom all have a common goal of helping people in an ethical, sustainable and community focused way. We work with businesses, NGO's, non profits, religious organizations, governments, and industry experts spanning all industries critical to the success of a community.

To make Forests Greener

We provide award winning solutions that meet the needs of the community while helping governments maintain stewardship of local and foreign investment. When needed we provide funding of carbon credit programs that focus on helping the country attract and manage ethical investment.