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Greg Marsh, Founder and CEO of BYKA Group has worked worldwide providing banking and CRM solutions. He used to design banking systems for schedule A FI’s and credit unions across Canada and internationally. Greg has been the senior technical lead for years consulting to the likes of CIBC, KPMG and Oracle. His background includes meeting with heads of Central Banks in Africa for country wide payment solutions, designing international solutions for a bank in the Philippines, working with World Bank consultants and recently providing BCP/DRP advice and potential projects for FI’s in Africa. Now, through his 25+ years experience and network of high level decision makers, he has committed to giving back.

They say charity begins at home, BYKA Group wants to link those homes separated by culture, thousands of miles and economic constraints, for mutual sustainable benefit and not just a handout.

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Make Working With BYKA Group Part of Your Legacy to Humanity