BYKA Group (BYKA) has partnered with Click4Time to provide a proven eco-efficient online platform to manage and coordinate operations throughout the BYKA ecosystem worldwide. The platform is essential to manage enrolment and to efficiently monitor and manage the utilization and distribution of resources, regardless of international borders.
For managers and operators of local projects and businesses, the BYKA platform provides anytime access to training and ongoing support while at the same time; it simplifies their operations by automating much of their communications, administration and reporting.

Furthermore, transparent real-time metrics support managers, BYKA and third party funders to maintain optimal utilization of resources; prove justification or not, for further funding; and help to project future outcomes.

BYKA’s enduring goal is to ensure the ongoing success of sustainable projects by adhering to a high standard of efficiency, transparency and accountability with system-wide controls that counteract self-interest and corruption.

About Click4Time

Click4Time shares and fully supports the vision of BYKA to create sustainable economic solutions locally, worldwide. Click4Time has gone above and beyond to customize and deliver its award winning platform in an intuitive format that is flexible, easy to use and adaptable to almost any situation.

Click4Time’s online operations management platform has active subscribers from 63 countries, across 103 industries, of which 82% are in the health sector.

It is used in universities and colleges to facilitate training and research, in hospitals and outpatient clinics for patient scheduling and inbound referrals to specialists, for practice management by sole practitioners in health, in law and in finance among many others. It is also used to manage availability of equipment and resources.

Click4Time’s team has built a solid reputation for delivering the best user experience and outcomes for subscribers and their clients. With 24/7 secure access; the system enables business owners, resource managers, service providers and end users to simultaneously manage data that is critical to daily operations. In addition, automation of key administrative areas in communications, invoicing, scheduling, client records and data auditing, combine to dramatically accelerate workflow, saving time and minimizing costs.

Click4Time’s Team


Lance Shaler CEO/President was the founder of Sci-Com Data Services Ltd. Sci-Com had offices in six Canadian cities and employed up to 400 people. After acquisitions and mergers, the company sold for $63 million. In addition, Mr. Shaler has held a number of significant senior management positions including: CEO of Sisu Enterprises Co. Inc., Vice‑President of Accel Leasing & Financial Services Ltd., and CEO of Utilitran Corporation.

Jay Addison CTO is a pioneer and recognized expert in computer technology, Internet/multimedia development, SEO and online marketing. In 1995, he produced ground breaking video entitled “A Beginner’s Guide to the Internet”, released and distributed worldwide by Polygram Filmed Entertainment. Mr Addison is the “spark plug” or founder of the project.


Geoffrey Spooner VP Sales and Marketing emigrated from England in 1991 and launched a successful multi-disciplinary health clinic in Vancouver, B.C., marketing services to the business community and local hotels. He was the owner of a successful pharmaceutical export mail order business, marketing to all 50 US states. In 2002, he franchised the business model.


Advisory Board

Rob Whittle
Marketing. Mr. Whittle was President of DDB Canada (formerly Palmer Jarvis DDB) until 2008, when he walked away from the company that had been his home for 26 years. During his tenure as President, DDB Canada was the most awarded Agency in the history of advertising on the Canadian scene.


Paul JeszenszkyInternet Marketing. A veteran of online marketing, Mr. Jeszenszky was Google’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, lead the online marketing team that promotes AdWords for the Americas (North and South) and used to lead Google’s global training team. Currently, he is the CMO of AirBNB.


Dr. Steven FunkFinance. Dr. Funk has 30 years of experience in international corporate debt, equity investment and real estate ownership and development. He acquired Imperial Parking and built its operations into one of the top three car park management companies in North America. He founded Aspen Properties in 1995, which became one of the largest portfolios of commercial office real estate in Western Canada.

David Crumpton
Compliance & Privacy Officer. Mr. Crumpton is a successful and highly motivated lawyer, internal auditor and privacy specialist with 20+ years experience as a senior manager with two Canadian Health Insurance organizations – Pacific Blue Cross & CU&C Health Services Society.


Jim FarrisEnterprise Resource Planning. Mr. Farris recently left Oracle Corporation to join Nuance. Previously, he was the HRIT Department Head with Mitre Corporation, a not-for-profit national technology resource that provides systems engineering, research and development, and information technology support to the government. It operates federally funded research and development centers for the DOD, the FAA, the IRS and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Homeland Security.

The BYKA Difference

BYKA welcomes your community, project or company to be a part of the BYKA global ecosystem. With BYKA, the old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is greatly magnified.
Working with trusted connections at top levels of government internationally, established over 30 years of implementing central banking systems globally, BYKA works quickly towards consensus and a solution, from three different approaches.

The first approach is directly from the top down with Government leaders and Department heads and other top national decision makers, who understand their country’s logistics and can implement decisions countrywide.

The second approach is from the bottom up with feet on the ground and local community leaders who understand their community’s unique needs and limitations and can move quickly to implement pilot projects that have been agreed to in principle by government and urgently needed locally. These pilot projects rapidly provide proof of concept and can reduce a government five year implementation cycle by as much as 50%.

The third approach is by working directly with top level innovative solutions companies such as Click4Time, who are experts in their field, who can rapidly implement and support their solutions globally and who also share the same vision as BYKA. These companies work through BYKA and directly with the local community leaders providing the equipment for a particular project and the training, technical expertise and ongoing support. The leaders then engage and train the local feet on the ground, who build and maintain the local self sustainable project.

Other such companies provide innovative expert solutions in: aquaculture; agriculture; smart grid technology; security; communications; water systems; carbon credits; anti-malarial and anti-dengue fever systems; fisheries; mobile power systems; education; neonatal support system; net zero global delivery systems and more.

Profits are reinvested in the community project, creating more jobs and building towards local economic and psychosocial relief. BYKA balances funding and profits between projects worldwide in order to create the best environment for success of all projects. In certain circumstances, a project may falter and fail but because BYKA is totally transparent and closely monitors real time metrics, resources can be quickly mobilized or redirected.

In this combined approach, the efforts of each community, project and company are able to transcend international borders in a single collaborative community that brings self sustainable economic and psychosocial relief locally and globally, to those most in need.

How to Partner with BYKA’s Global Solutions

Click4Time’s online management platform is your gateway to register, participate and maintain active status in BYKA’s global ecosystem.


Please contact your local BYKA Representative to confirm the BYKA project that you are enrolling in and to receive your unique BYKA ID number, platform login credentials and instructions for registration and maintaining active status.

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Please contact: BYKA directly at https://bykagroup.org/contact-2/

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