Youth Affected By AIDS

Help us create a new BYKA location that will ensure ongoing funds go to organizations such as the teens support foundation to support youth affected by AIDS in Zimbabwe or support them directly. Contact us directly to find out how.

In Uganda, we wish to set up a BYKA location that is dedicated to the hiring and training of youth infected by aids. These youth suffer many times over and are often driven back to NGO groups offering help. We want to work with these NGOs to offer an alternative – support plus dignity and the chance to earn a living without the pressures and stigma associated with AIDS.

How do I decide how best to help? 

Projects such as our food system are more expensive in the beginning but have long-lasting effects such as providing full-time work, education, and the generation of funds that support NGOs such as the teens support foundation for years.

Direct support to the teens support foundation is as little as $20 dollars and any amount is accepted towards the purchase of bicycles. 

Groups wishing to directly monitor payments or pay our suppliers directly or volunteer during the start-up phase are welcome. We are very transparent with our costs which reflect the different regions involved and those offering services or goods in kind are of course given tax receipts reflecting the gift’s true value. 


If you wish to donate items that would assist us such as tools and computers we would appreciate that you organize this with us and would appreciate a scanned copy of any card you send us so that we may post it on the website.