Help BYKA Group change the way help is given to countries in need. Your donation goes directly to projects that are intended to be self sustaining after some initial support. Your donation goes even further since each business that we create is expected to support the creation of more sustainable businesses. Thus your gift keeps giving.

Contact us directly if you wish to support a specific location, village, town or group that can benefit from BYKA’s technology, mentors and approach.

Please note that donations made through services such as Paypal charge fees that significantly reduce the amount of money we get from you. If possible we prefer to receive cheques even though it takes much longer to process the funds. One hundred percent (100%) of your donation goes to projects and none of the funds are used for advertisement or solicitation¬† of donations. Please email “askus @” asking for mailing details and we will gladly send you our information.¬† We are not a charity and thus do not issue tax receipts. Charity status actually restricts who and how we can help people in third world countries. You can also join one of our projects on the ground and thus see how your money is used.

Please contact us if you are located in one of our operating countries and wish to donate funds in country. We encourage this for it helps reduce our overhead.