Worker Safety Projects

BYKA is working to improve worker safety through programs that generate long-term jobs, training, and compatibility with international standards. The techniques and systems we use save businesses money thus providing a financial incentive when social responsibility or work safety laws are not in place or are impossible to enforce. 

Worker safety is often not a priority when surviving is an issue. That is why we work to introduce safety courses where possible and have engaged technology providers to identify low-cost but highly robust tools that help protect workers of all types.

Personal Safety for nurses is a worldwide issue and one that we have two programs for:

1. Personal Monitoring and Alert devices that can be shared with shift workers or those who travel to perform their duties.

2. Personal Safety, Self-defense courses that can be taught in a short time frame and easily practicedb2ba27_0cb66538b2f1e4bbf352b5bac7529ba8

  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Automatic Emergency Signalling
  • Personal distress notification via 1 way and 2 way systems
  • Use in Flammable / Combustible Areas
  • Motion sensing feature
  • Canadian Safety Standards

Worker safety is checked more frequently at a lower cost.

  • Able to use even in the most hazardous of locations with long-term battery charge (80hrs).

With our bicycle assembly, welding, and maintenance programs safety will not only be taught programs that are commonly used in other countries will be introduced. These practices will be adapted by our staff and volunteers to the local situation and implemented as much as possible.

As with our other projects, we provide practical solutions that can be shown to work in the country through a step-by-step process of first implementing a pilot project followed by day-to-day operations.

We are looking for those willing to sponsor pilot projects that provide safety monitoring of health workers. Being green as much as possible we have also sourced solar systems that can support these systems.b2ba27_81bccc3de52f1b46fc2355bef01da533