Work Experience and Mentored Business Advice

Many people struggle with getting work experience or trying to raise funds. BYKA is offering an opportunity to individuals and groups that normally takes many years to get. Like Renting to Own we provide projects that need Business Plans, budgets, Marketing plans and much more. We provide mentoring and links to organizations that provide training and mentoring for free. In addition we guide the projects so that if your work is successful you not only get paid for your training time spent but have a job at the end of it.


Are you a detective at heart? Work on tracking down and documenting grants or programs that will benefit our projects and those we are trying to help.



Without a business plan you can not explain what you want to do, how you are going to get there and when you have arrived. Unfortunately most people find this difficult to do - join our team to gain experience working on plans - being the project lead and jumping into the deep end. 

We will provide assistance as you go if you are willing to work and the rewards are long term.


Keeping track of deadlines is critical for success. Learn project management skills and add these to your resume.


Project Development

Gain experience learning how to run a project with the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and either branch out on your own or join our team in paid positions - we know you will make mistakes - that is how you learn.