Ghana Update – Jasikan

In September 2017 BYKA Group agreed to work with the Association of Buem Muslim Communities in Jasikan Ghana to assist local farmers with the understanding that they would in turn help others.

In November 2017 BYKA Founder Greg Marsh met with the local government, the local agriculture department, community & religious leaders, farmers and village citizens to discuss what BYKA was about. It is my pleasure to announce that not only did each group agree to BYKA’s rules and approach but they did so with such sincerity that even when the often difficult topic of helping prisoners arose they did not hesitate in agreeing to help.

Jasikan and the surrounding area will be a key hub location for BYKA and its programs which include:

  • boosting crop production
  • reducing dependence on pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • job creation for youth
  • employing ex prisoners
  • education for youth
  • improving the entire farming value chain (farm to market)
  • improved health services

Whether you are in Ghana or not I hope you will contact BYKA to see how you can get involved in this project which focuses on sustainable development dependent on all stakeholders working hard.