Improving Neonatal Services

BYKA Group is working with NNSS to improve neonatal services through out Ghana and from the lessons learned expand to other African nations.


The Project was created as a partnership between the Neonatal Network Support System (NNSS) and the BYKA group to help improve newborn care using the Click4Time scheduling system.
The plan was to register all newborns within the Savelugu Municipality unto the Click4Time system and help schedule access to vital health interventions and prevent delays in care.

In addition to helping neonatal clinics in Northern Ghana (Tamale and region) Dr Peter Gyamfi Kwarteng conducted a trial use of Click4Time in Kumasi to help parents register for services at the now annual “Healthy Child Fair” held this past May. May22016KumasiHealthyChildFairPoster


Click on the following picture to see the NNSS booking system live.bykaGhanaHealthPoint_v3

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