Helping Ease COVID Related Impacts

Like everyone else BYKA Group has had to deal with numerous delays, cancellations, sickness, and even death involving its partners, associates, and unfortunately those whom we are trying to help. The good news is that we believe that we have turned a corner and are gearing up in multiple countries to provide even more opportunities than before.

Expect many changes to this website, job postings, announcements, and even the odd contest as we search for those whom we wish to hire or work with that is invested in helping others while also benefiting.

If you are an artist, farmer, or just interested in sustainable development as a way to earn an income or give back to humanity then we look forward to connecting.

Our fundamentals have not changed, what has changed is the scope of options that we offer and how much easier it is for us to support smaller organizations with limited funds.

For the next few months, we will be restricting the type and number of investors and or groups looking to generate funds for projects that are sustainable.

If interested, please contact us initially through our contact page.