• Helping Ease COVID Related Impacts

    Like everyone else BYKA Group has had to deal with numerous delays, cancellations, sickness, and even death involving its partners, associates, and unfortunately those whom we are trying to help. The good news is that we believe that we have turned a corner and are gearing up in multiple countries

  • Moringa Supporters

    This is a partial list of the international groups and organizations working to maximize the beneficial properties of the Moringa Tree for both humanitarian and commercial uses. BYKA Group works with experts in the field and is currently working to support NGOs who are experts in this area. * Africa

  • Ghana Update – Jasikan

    In September 2017 BYKA Group agreed to work with the Association of Buem Muslim Communities in Jasikan Ghana to assist local farmers with the understanding that they would in turn help others. In November 2017 BYKA Founder Greg Marsh met with the local government, the local agriculture department, community &

  • BYKA is Proudly Supporting Tesia Isanga

    Please review the sites below for ideas on how you can get involved. At BYKA we will be sharing our knowledge and know that we will learn a lot from this organization. Since we have just started efforts learning how to support Moringa production in several countries we see our

  • Sewing Seeds International In Sierra Leone

    This Calgary based organization is helping out in Sierra Leone, Ukraine and Peru with projects that empower women – please think of how you can help them and here at BYKA we will be keeping them in mind as we expand in Sierra Leone. (Picture from SewingSeedsInternational.com web site) 

  • The Importance of Primary Education For Children

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