Education On Video + much more

Highly Advanced Video Compression with Stunning Display

Access to education is difficult for many reasons in Africa so the following project initiatives where started in order to help provide easy access to education even though resources maybe limited.

Many courses are available today on the Internet or from highly qualified schools and our goal is to leverage the content that is out there by providing easy access to it.

We will use a highly advanced compression system that is set up in country so that local Education groups can provide material and support the students. In addition this will create high tech careers and many additional jobs such as translation and graphics. Any form of media can be compressed into formats that are easily sent by phone, Internet, satellite or disk.

For remote locations that do not have communications we will provide a computer and projector using solar power so that villages can set up a sheet on a wall or vehicle, or with help a local wireless network – this will enable locals of all ages to get involved and provide support.

By using this system we can provide a dual image when needed in order to provide translations of the content when dubbing is not easily available or impractical. In some cases schools are also trying to teach English so the dual display can be used as an aid for those who are struggling with English.

Any group wishing to showcase their work via video can benefit because this system dramatically reduces the amount of data transmitted.

The examples are 720p typically takes 1800kbs to 4000kbs, this system creates a file that can stream at 500kbs – for HD 1080p Netflix uses 6000kbs, we can do it at 800kbs. This represents a dramatic savings for all and the jobs we create in country will not be limited to education.

As you can see on this site we are trying to support Film, Music, Theater and much more – all of which can benefit if we set up local compression companies and engage the Universities, Colleges and Governments.
Please contact us to help for we have a backlog of artists who could benefit by providing high quality videos of their work that can be viewed in EU or North America.
Education On Video + much more

After providing an Anti-rape Course, b2ba27_ed8a7b9fd478a65fb0522b927a42b8aa
Journalist training or assembly training we plan to leave an education system at strategic

180 kbs File – Original 30MB – now 7MB.

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300 kbs File – Original 30MB – now 11MB.

HD Files to come that show true Quality – These are LQ Youtube Files for test.

800 kbs File – Original 34MB – now 1MB. HD Test File

HD Test File – Expand to Full Screen and compare files.