Help BYKA Locations Provide Zero Interest Loans & Create Jobs

We are able to help communities for as little as $150 per bike and will will help get a BYKA location started with as little as four bikes.

This means that even the smallest group can help and see results in a short time frame.

We would of course like to send more than four bikes for there is such a large demand but we believe it is better to get started and show the communities some success rather than wait a year for something to maybe happen.

Please support us now in opening up BYKA locations throughout Ghana that help workers and school children who often walk 2hrs to and 2hrs from school or work. Your donation goes to bringing in high quality bicycles that are assembled in country where we pay to train the workers. Each person getting the bicycle gets an interest free loan so that they have the pride of paying for the bicycle themselves and we are able to help fund more bikes.